Optimum energy storage techniques for the improvement of renewable energy sources-based electricity generation economic efficiency

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December 2007, Volume32(Issue12) Page2295To2305

The high wind and solar potential along with the extremely high electricity production cost met in the majority of Greek Aegean islands comprising autonomous electrical networks, imply the urgency for new renewable energy sources (RES) investments. To by-pass the electrical grid stability constraints arising from an extensive RES utilization, the adaptation of an appropriate energy storage system (ESS) is essential. In the present analysis, the cost effect of introducing selected storage technologies in a large variety of autonomous electrical grids so as to ensure higher levels of RES penetration, in particular wind and solar, is examined in detail. A systematic parametrical analysis concerning the effect of the ESSs' main parameters on the economic behavior of the entire installation is also included. According to the results obtained, a properly sized RES-based electricity generation station in collaboration with the appropriate energy storage equipment is a promising solution for the energy demand problems of numerous autonomous electrical networks existing worldwide, at the same time suggesting a clean energy generation alternative and contributing to the diminution of the important environmental problems resulting from the operation of thermal power stations.

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doi: 10.1016/j.energy.2007.07.009